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Pawtucket Picture Frame:

Welcome to our Quality Custom Picture Frame Shop & Art Gallery Webpage.  We pride ourselves in our Fine Craftsmanship & Design. We offer a comprehensive array of Custom Frame Mouldings & Products with fair & reasonable pricing in our pursuit of Fine Quality Picture Framing. We bring value to your Artwork, Photographs & Objects as they are transformed by our fine work and craftsmanship.


We Offer Solutions For: Original Artwork, Antique Prints, Historical Documents, Diplomas, Posters, Mirrors, Oil on Canvas, Photographs, Family Portraits, Sports Memorabilia & Team Jerseys, Children's Artwork, Military Medals, Works on Fabric and 3D Shadow Boxes.

Picture Framing

Design Driven Quality 
Picture Framing for Fine Art, Rare Prints, Photography, Diploma's, Family Memories, Posters, Sports Memorabilia, Jerseys, Military Medals, Collages, Tapestry, Mirrors, Institutions, 3D Shadowboxes & Objects

Rare Prints & Maps

Americana, Architectural, Botanical, Birds, Caricature, Children’s Illustrations, City Views, Classical Design, Fashion & Costume, Historical Subjects & Maps,  Japanese Wood Block, Marine, Military, Natural History, Politics, Sporting Prints & more.


We endeavor to preserve & protect all of the Artwork that comes to our shop.
We believe Conservation & Restoration of your precious artwork is of the utmost importance. Feel free to contact us about your framing & restoration needs.


  • Andrew Spingarn
    With a background in Jewelry Design & Manufacturing, Picture Framing is a perfect fit.  Collecting Antique Prints has been a life long passion.
  • Master Engravings
    16th to 20th Century Prints
    We specialize in Antique Master Engravings & Prints. The Collection includes notable artists such as: Abbot, Aududon, de Bry, de Vries, Bloch, Boekler, Callot, Dahlberg, Daumier, Earlom, Gould, Hamilton, Hogarth, Martinet, Picard, Piranese, Ridinger, Roberts, , Rowlandson Thornton & Weinmann to name a few.  
  • Pawtucket Views 
    Historic Rhode Island Views
    Along with our Collection of Rhode Island Prints & Postcards, We have Maps of the World, Countries, Cities, & Towns. Our Mapmakers include Mercator, Hondius, Homann, Jansson, Ortelius, Mortier,  Munster, Dunn & more. Our New England scenes are from Barber, Bartlett, Picturesque America, Harpers Weekly & Currier & Ives.
  • Mid Century & Modern
    Fine Art & Contemporary
    Our Collection includes an abundance of Modern
    Master Etchings, Modern, Contemporary & Post Modern Art. This list includes Bonnard, Dali, Davis, Erni, Friedlander, Goto, Kinigstein, Piza, Miro, Siskind, Villion & Vlaminck and more.


Feel free to call us anytime. At the present time the shop is open for appointment only, we are available and ready to serve your picture framing needs anytime. For more information about our print collection, please call or check our website at: (401) 787 6767

Where to find us:
37 Taft St. Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860 USA

How to reach us:
Andrew Spingarn @ (401) 787-6767